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SGK Food Industry Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 2005. It is located about 42 km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur and is strategically located just 20 km from the KL International Airport. It is a wholly owned company with a net worth of over RM 50 million. The company is equipped with fully automated machinery compliant with international safety standards.

At SGK Food Industry our customers come first! We pride ourselves on taking that extra mile to supply our customers with premium quality products at affordable prices. We are committed as a team in creating deliciously tasting, healthy and affordable biscuits, crackers and cookies!


SGK Foods Industry Sdn Bhd has great pride in its ability to produce the best tasting biscuits & crackers snacks. While the road to success has not been easy, we are glad that all our hard work has paid off. Try any of our baked products and you’ll quickly understand why we are proud of our SGK Food Team, as they can now mass produce biscuits & crackers with the same flavor, texture and freshness that our parents and grandparents have enjoyed!


Over time, SGK Food Industry with the help from the management team has never lost sight of our vision of producing the worlds best biscuits. Though it’s not been easy, we take the greatest pride in providing our consumers cookies, biscuits and crackers that are made from the best ingredients. Try all of our products and experience the SGK difference!


SGK Food Industry places a high value on the quality of the ingredients that are used in our products. We also closely monitor all of our mixing, laminating and baking processes to insure that their crackers, biscuits & cookies are baked to perfection. When the time comes to package these products, we take special care to make sure that the products are at the correct temperature which makes the biscuits taste better while safeguarding against spoilage due to moisture trapped inside the packaging.


All of our crackers, biscuits & and cookies do not contain animal by-products such as fats and oils which have been proven to be unhealthy. Instead, we use healthier plant based ingredients which many people say contribute to our unique, light and non-greasy taste! SGK Foods vegetarian products make a great choice for vegetarians, and all health conscious individuals.


With all of the choices for snacks today, it’s tough to make a good decision on what kind of snack to buy for your children. At SGK Food Industry we make it easy for parents to select a good wholesome snack.  All of our snack products contain quality ingredients and are made under strict process controls. While our snacks are favorites with the kids for their exciting flavors and taste, parents can rest assured that we would never jeopardize the quality of our products. All of our cookies, biscuits and crackers are made with pride.


All our products conform to Halal standards. Raw materials used for our products are of the highest quality, in good condition and kosher. Moreover we also ensure that our way of processing is clean and follows exactly the needs and guidelines of halal assurance systems.

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